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Under 17 Driver Training Prices

Under 17 Driving Prices

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The following prices for under 17 driving lessons are based on one-to-one training with a fully qualified driving instructor.

1 Hour Driving Lesson: £56.00
2 Hour Driving Lesson: £112.00

There is an option for 2 young drivers to share a driving lesson as follows:

1 Hour Shared Driving Lesson: £56.00 (£28 each)
2 Hour Shared Driving Lesson: £112.00 (£56 each)
We only hold sessions on specific dates so please check our 'Dates' page for availability at each venue before completing your booking form.

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My wife and I had gifted our grandson Rhys this driving experience with DriveB4UTurn17 for his 12th birthday. We booked the Barton Stacey venue as it was the one closest to get to. We weren't disappointed with the venue or the experience Instructor Allan Barrow. During the variety of manoeuvres practised Rhys appeared to be in good control of the vehicle and looked to be enjoying himself even though very focussed and determined. It was a surprise towards the end when Allan stopped the vehicle and asked whether any family members would a like to go for a drive with Rhys...his Dad and Grandma took up the offer and were both very pleased with their little journey. We did post a short video clip of Rhys driving on FB which received a number of likes and positive comments. This was a very enjoyable experience for us all...especially Rhys!!
Denzil Fairbairn, 26-08-2015