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Under 17 Driver Training Prices

Under 17 Driving Prices

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The following prices for under 17 driving lessons are based on one-to-one training with a fully qualified driving instructor.

1 Hour Driving Lesson: £56.00
2 Hour Driving Lesson: £112.00

There is an option for 2 young drivers to share a driving lesson as follows:

1 Hour Shared Driving Lesson: £56.00 (£28 each)
2 Hour Shared Driving Lesson: £112.00 (£56 each)
Please Note: Our prices will be increasing to £60.00 per hour for all driving sessions taken after 31st May 2018, regardless of the date they were booked.
We only hold sessions on specific dates so please check our 'Dates' page for availability at each venue before completing your booking form.

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Please be advised that this is not a guaranteed booking and is only a booking request. Our team will email you to confirm the availability for the lesson and to confirm the booking. If you have any questions regarding this then please email our team at info@driveb4uturn17.co.uk

My 13 year old son has been fascinated with cars since he was about 9 months old, so for him, having the chance to drive before he turns 17 is a dream come true. He has had lessons with another company but this was in a car park and with lots of other learners, so not much opportunity to do more than crawl up and down. He's now had 2 lessons with Drive B4 U Turn 17 and he has thoroughly enjoyed the experience. There's a lot more focus on actually driving on a road and he tells me his instructor is very encouraging and pleasant to him. He makes it fun and interesting, for example getting out of the car to check positioning at a junction - something he wouldn't be able to do at the other lessons because the are far too many other cars around! As well as teaching him how to drive and giving him some valuable practical experience, I'm hoping he will learn about road safety from a young age. I think he's at an age where he's more likely to listen and take it in. I also hope that it will save us a bit of time and money when he turns 17!
Helen Malik, 20-08-2016