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Fantastic experience for a 15 year old birthday. Gave a great insight into driving and road safety. Lovely instructor (Claire) who gave helpful feedback. Would definitely recommend.

Name: Paul Athawes   Date: 25-04-2017

Professional and friendly tutors. Excellent for confidence building. Would highly recommend!

Name: Jennifer Brooks   Date: 25-04-2017

As a Parent of a young Boy I would highly recommend this. To start learning as early as possible is such a good thing, to became the best as he can before he is are allowed out onto the Road. There's no pressure and they are learning while having a really good experience.

Name: Carrie-Anne Senger   Date: 23-04-2017

Great fun coupled with an awareness of responsibility and importance of safety.

Name: Beverley Dubus   Date: 22-04-2017

My daughter really enjoy it, she said "it was really good, I learnt lots of different things, I would definitely like to do it again before I turn seventeen next year".

Name: Tania Bennett   Date: 16-04-2017

Highly recommended. Father of 13 and 16 year olds.

Name: Philip Sloan   Date: 13-04-2017

I can't recommend Drive Before U Turn 17 enough and think this should be compulsory for everyone about to take driving lessons on busy public roads. In a safe and bespoke environment (without the pressure of traffic, pedestrians and other hazards), these sessions enable the pupil to focus fully on learning how to drive and control a car. This is an invaluable experience which gives new drivers the ability to confidently control a car safely before they go out on public roads. This then enables them to concentrate properly on their surroundings, road safety and potential hazards without trying to learn to control the car at the same time. I wish this training was available when I was learning to drive!!

Name: Tina McLennan   Date: 12-04-2017

This was a fabulous Christmas Present, something a bit different , but an great way of understanding , what to expect when on the road, Patient, friendly instructors, who gave them a Fab experience. Thank you all .

Name: Kate Smith   Date: 11-04-2017

Great experience for young children interested in cars / driving. Well organized event. Thank you.

Name: Paul Lodwick   Date: 11-04-2017

Eve has just had her 3rd lesson and, yet again, really enjoyed herself. We took two friends as they had vouchers for Christmas, after our recommendation and they amazed us with their confidence and how quickly they could control the car. Excellent driving instructors who took their time to explain about the vehicles, which in turn helped them improve their driving experience. Fun slalom, fast driving and car control all made for a great lesson. Never too early to learn. We will definitely be back.

Name: Sharon Longhurst   Date: 11-04-2017

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Great fun with benefit of experience. Will defiantly do again before starting lessons at 17 years. Would also plan to have a couple of sessions just before 17th birthday as it is a great location for learning clutch control before going out on a main road
Phoebe Willoughby Hannington, 29-12-2014