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We brought our son Jake, 14, for his first driving lesson on the 28th of June. Directions to find the centre were very good and we arrived early, in time to see other young drivers from the previous lesson being put through their paces, which was interesting for Jake. He was allotted his instructor, a lovely young lady named Becky, and we were told where we could go to watch the majority of the lesson, which was ideal. Watching Jake's tentative first steps on the road to adulthood in a car was quite moving. Suddenly he's not our little boy any more, but the person behind the wheel of a car travelling at speed on occasion! We watched him go from crawling along in a low gear, to going round the laid out course of junctions, roads and roundabouts, and learning to reverse into a parking space by the end of the lesson. His face never wavered from the excited grin we could see fixed to it every time he drove past us, and when he finally came to a halt, he was on a high that lasted the rest of the day. We are definitely bringing him for another lesson in the autumn, and plan to keep him going until he is seventeen and ready to get on the road, hopefully with a greater degree of understanding than most of his contemporaries will have.
Felicity Reid, 29-06-2015