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Feedback for a great day yesterday, my 3 grandchildren had a very enjoyable experience thanks to your friendly and professional driving instructor. I will be booking another lesson each for the 3 boys within the next 2 months. A great feeling for me to watch the boys driving, my one ambition in life is for the boys to drive me for a change. Thank you so much for a great morning.

Name: Roger Tillman   Date: 10-02-2019

Highly recommend! the instructor was lovely and very encouraging and positive. A memorable experience which is great for future lessons. I didn't even realise this experience was available but absolutely chuffed I found it, its sometimes hard to give a gift for a teen, but this was perfect! Thank you soo much!

Name: Julie Harding   Date: 02-02-2019

Peter very happy with his session. Really felt he was having a proper driving lesson.

Name: Paul Maggs   Date: 27-01-2019

Really well organised, great instructor and half a mile from home. Perfect start to my son's driving career.

Name: Nick Wadsley   Date: 20-01-2019

A very enjoyable hour spent driving, gaining valuable experience in preparation for taking driving lessons in June. The experience has improved knowledge and confidence in driving a car. Will be booking again. Many thanks for your time and expertise.

Name: Clare Davidson   Date: 19-01-2019

Ben absolutely loved his driving experience today, great instructor and really put him at his ease. He can't wait to drive for real now... only 5 years to wait!! Thank you.

Name: Sue Vincent   Date: 13-01-2019

Fantastic, Ami loved it! Jon was brilliant, really made Ami feel relaxed and at ease behind the wheel.

Name: Sara Skeet   Date: 06-01-2019

This was 16 year old Dan's first lesson and he enjoyed it very much. He felt that Jon's tuition & guidance was very good. Having experienced Drive B4 U Turn 17's expertise a number of times with another grandson, Matt, at both Dunsfold & Thorney, I do not hesitate to recommend them. They are very good.

Name: Clive Robinson   Date: 06-01-2019

Holly really enjoyed it, and it has definitely given her more confidence to get on the road. She said the instructor was really nice and helpful. And she would thoroughly recommend it 110 percent. Thank you very much.

Name: Ian Shepherd   Date: 30-12-2018

My daughter really enjoyed her first lesson with you. We will be returning soon many thanks

Name: Louise Culliford   Date: 30-12-2018

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My daughter really enjoyed her first lesson with you. We will be returning soon many thanks
Louise Culliford, 30-12-2018